The slogan ‘Sublime Orchids’ gives it away already: Florallure comes from the orchid family. The name of the type is Dendrobium Nobilé, a type with lots of blooms. The care tips below help you to enjoy your Florallure over an especially long period.


As much light as possible, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight during the summer months, but preferably on a window sill or just on a table.


The Dendrobium Nobilé is a tropical plant that grows in the mountains and is therefore used to warm days and cold nights. A room temperature of 21 degrees is perfect for this plant. Ideally you should avoid placing this plant above heating that is switched on.


Water regularly during the period when the flower is in bloom and allow any excess water to flow away. Pour water near the stem using a watering can or dunk the pot into lukewarm water. Keep the soil nice and moist to prevent the stem from drying out. This helps to preserve the flowers for a longer period.


If you wish to encourage the plant to make new shoots and existing shoots to develop nicely you should feed it with special orchid food. When the shoot reaches around 20 cm you can stop giving additional food. Overfeeding causes new plants to grow rather than flowers, during and after the cooling period.


Once the Dendrobium Nobilé has finished flowering the plant needs to generate new shoots at the base in order to flower again the following year. Plants will not be able to flower again on the old (fat) shoots that have finished flowering. Read on to find out how to stimulate new blooms.


The Florallure Dendrobium Nobilé is a house plant and therefore not suitable for human consumption. Keep the plant out of reach of children to avoid any issues.


The creation and development of shoots in the Dendrobium Nobilé is encouraged by placing the plant in warm, light conditions and feeding with orchid food. When the new shoots are around 20 cm long and have their own roots you can remove the stem that has already flowered and place the stick next to the new shoot. When the new shoot is around 20 cm long the plant no longer requires feeding. When the shoot is fully developed (it is no longer developing any new leaves) the plant should be placed in a warm place for a further 2 months. After this it should be placed for around 6 weeks in a cool, dry place, with a night-time temperature of 13-14 degrees and a daytime temperature of 20-21 degrees. A bedroom is an ideal location. During this period less water and no food should be given. After around 6 weeks new bumps (buds) will become visible below where the leaf joins, which will later become the new groups of flowers. When these are visible the plant may be returned to the living room, for example, to encourage faster growth. The Dendrobium Nobilé then also requires more water to make the blooms larger and more magnificent.